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Summer SessionsJuly-AugustRestorative Roller

Restorative Stretch Roller

Are tight muscles preventing you from moving with ease or comfort? Are your muscles sore from over (or under) use? Are you looking to regain some of that flow and movement you used to have? Are you sore from sitting or standing too much? Or are you wishing to improve your athletic skill with a greater range of motion? We've got you!


In this 4-class stretching session you will use a foam roller to increase your flexibility, range of motion, stabilization, and posture with static and dynamic stretching. Flexibility enhances mobility - which ultimately teaches (or re-teaches) the body to move the way it was meant to. This class is ideal for all bodies - to compliment a workout routine, recover from injury, or to help release the body from lack of movement (like sitting at a desk all day). 

The class with cover techniques to rolling out sore muscles and effective stretches using the foam roller with awareness to the deeper, and intuitive movements to tune into your body and feel which areas need the most attention. Facia flossing, nerve glides,  Pilates, and other modalities will be used to gain greater range of motion and flexibility.  You will be guided through these using Pilates equipment by a skilled stretch teacher!

This Pilates class is perfect to assist in releasing of tight muscles to help you in moving through your life with greater ease.

Session 1:

Wednesdays 5pm

July 3

July 10

July 17

July 24

Session 2:

Thursdays 10am

August 1

August 8

August 15

August 22

$120 Per Session

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