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Summer SessionsJuly-AugustSoverign Shoulders, Posture and Back

Sovereign Shoulders, Back, & Posture

Do you have a painful shoulder preventing you from doing what you love or moving through life with ease? Is your upper back constantly aching? Is your posture causing you pain? Are you experiencing chronic pain, frozen shoulder, weak shoulders, trouble reaching overhead, or - here's the big one we all have experienced- tension neck issues? We've got you!


This 4-class session will focus on pilates exercises that support healthy pain-free shoulders. Open to all levels, this class is perfect for individuals with specific shoulder injuries or just general shoulder or neck pain.  We will cover shoulder restrictions and compensations that happen within the body overtime and how to overcome them and find a path back to healthy, balanced pain free shoulders.


You will be guided through these sessions using Pilates equipment by a skilled Pilates teacher (with personal familiarity to shoulder issues) and years of experience working with these specific instabilities.

This Pilates class is perfect to assist in gaining greater ease of movement in your shoulders, and in moving through your life!


Session 1: 

Thursdays 10am

July 4

July 11

July 18

July 25

Session 2:

Mondays 4:30pm

July 29

August 5

August 12

August 19

$120 Per Session

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