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Curious About Pilates?

Are you new to Pilates, coming back to Pilates, or would just like to learn more about how to gain better mental and physical resilience?

Try our classes to see how we can help support your highest and best, both Physically and Mentally.

Pilates is...

-Corrective posture programming



-a way of moving with greater ease through the world

-Connects you to your body and the innate wisdom within

-Pilates calls on small muscles, deep strength, balance, and coordination

-Pilates calls on us to develop ease in every moment

Pilates calls on freedom instead of force

Pilates is a way of moving through the world

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Join Kelp Pilates as a Founding Member

Join the Kelp Pilates Community where exceptional Pilates instruction is our nature. We help our clients build strength physically and in their daily lives.

We are building strong and flexible minds and spines and

invite you to join as a Founding Member in this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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