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Opening July

Rooted in the principle of kindness, and inspired by the enduring and resilient qualities of nature, Kelp Pilates is dedicated to delivering exceptional Pilates instruction tailored to individual needs.


By focusing on quality and personalized care, we help our clients build strength and flexibility not just physically but in the spiritual well-being of their daily lives.

Building Strong and Flexible Spines and Minds

Hello Bonsall!

New to Pilates? These Sessions are just for you!

Summer too busy for you to join us? 


Grand Opening in September

"The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm, and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors." 
Joseph Pilates

We are located in the River Village Center in Bonsall, California. We respectfully request that you wear grip socks in our studio and come a few minutes early for class; then we may start together, on time.

Kelp Pilates Studio is building strong and flexible spines and minds by shifting the focus of caring for ourselves from a purely ‘physically fit’ attitude to an attitude and appreciation of what it means to be ‘fully fit’.

Kelp Pilates

We humbly acknowledge that we convene on the ancestral lands of the Payómkawichum Tribe. Their enduring legacy fuels our dedication to unity and support. In unity, we work towards a fairer, more inclusive future, paying homage to their remarkable heritage.

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