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Within 2 classes, I know you will experience less pain so you can finally do what you want.

If you are ready to feel young

If you are ready to feel youthful

If you are ready to feel unlimited

if you are ready to recognize that any limits are just mental limits...

come join!

Hello Bonsall!

New to Pilates? Our Tailored and Small Sessions are Just For You!

Summer too busy for you to join us? 


Grand Opening September 7

Pilates is for....

"The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm, and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors." 
Joseph Pilates

back to your body, your life

Life happens & sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we don’t feel at home in our bodies anymore and we are experiencing pain. A LOT of pain. Maybe due to:





      Basically, any stress and strain from a repeated motion in doing what you love, from work, an accident or ageing!

This can wreck your spirit and your life and then you find yourself not exercising and driving around with ice packs for your back or maybe the seat heater on, just to mediate the pain. Ask me how I know!

It's so hard to feel restricted from doing all the things you love to do the most. When I was in pain, it made me angry frustrated, and hopeless....I was restricted! 


You have so much life left to live! You might be wondering if you will ever feel good again after trying so many things. Maybe you've been told that you need surgery. Or that you'll have to take it easy. That living with pain is just how it's going to be. Forever.


I believe that you can regain your freedom and return to the life you enjoy. Enjoy playing with your grandkids! Enjoy taking a dance class! Enjoy playing Pickleball!


In TWO classes you will feel more at home and alive in your body again. Try it! Our pilates classes treat you individually and with great care and respect (and fun!) Our classes are NOT intimidating like SNL.

Our personalized instruction will help you recognize (via Pilates) how to use the muscles you didn't know you weren’t using. Many times, it is the misuse of muscles that causes wear and injury.


As a dancer, even though I had a really strong body, I didn't know what muscles to use. As a result, I tore muscles and found myself in debilitating pain. Pilates has helped me regain youthful and free movement.


I know how hard this is. It might feel overwhelming and scary to know where to begin! It's ok to be scared, but know I have done this, and I know you can too. I do know how hard it is to commit and step back into health. My experienced instructors and I will walk with you on this path to movement because we know how restricting pain is.


We  also know how good it can be.


I want you to experience freedom in your body again.

We are located in the River Village Center in Bonsall, California. We respectfully request that you wear grip socks in our studio and come a few minutes early for class; then we may start together, on time.

Kelp Pilates Studio is building strong and flexible spines and minds by shifting the focus of caring for ourselves from a purely ‘physically fit’ attitude to an attitude and appreciation of what it means to be ‘fully fit’.

Kelp Pilates

We humbly acknowledge that we convene on the ancestral lands of the Payómkawichum Tribe. Their enduring legacy fuels our dedication to unity and support. In unity, we work towards a fairer, more inclusive future, paying homage to their remarkable heritage.

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