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Anna is a visionary and a teacher. She is brimming with ideas and ways to connect with and heal both herself and those walking anywhere near her. She loves to learn and teaches by example.

Anna met Pilates as a way to heal from excruciating back pain from childbirth, and body pain from 30 years of professionally dancing.

In gaining confidence and trust in healing herself, she has stepped into her abilities to intuitively understand bodies. As a BASI certified instructor, Anna also holds specialized training in working with individuals with chronic Back Pain and in training athletes and dancers.


Her vision is to reframe your perspectives by reforming how your body feels. At her studio, you will experience compassion and love in caring for your body, and carry that forward into your day. Reforming how we exist in the world with more peace, more joy, more love.

Green Plant







Melanie comes to Pilates with a competitive athlete background, training as a swimmer through college, and then triathlons and distance running later on. 


She has used pilates for years as a form of cross training and injury rehabilitation. 


Melanie is a BASI certified instructor and has specialized training in working with individuals with injuries, post surgery and the aging population.

Join us for class and feel the difference.
I know you will be back!

Anna and her qualified team will support you with both in-depth knowledge and warmth in maintaining and gaining health through prehab and pain-free movement.

reforming bodies and healing hearts, one at a time

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