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Quality of movement is more important than how much weight or how many reps you do. Come gain a deeper appreciation for the incredible strength your body and mind possess.


Our goal is to connect you to your body and the innate wisdom within.

Classes at Kelp's beautiful studio combine body, mind and heart. That supported strength empowers you to live your best life with peace, love, and compassion. 


Rooted in the principle of kindness, and inspired by the enduring and resilient qualities of nature, Kelp Pilates is dedicated to delivering exceptional Pilates instruction tailored to individual needs.


By focusing on quality and personalized care, we help our clients build strength and flexibility not just physically but in the spiritual well-being of their daily lives.



The Vision of Kelp Pilates Studio is to shift the focus of caring for ourselves from a purely ‘physically fit’ attitude to an attitude of ‘fully fit’.


Reframing what exercise means to take gentle care, forgive, and love ourselves, and in return, love, forgive and care for others.


A reforming of what fitness means to include self-love, and how that self-love ripples out as kindness into the world. 


Building strong and flexible spines and minds.

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