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The Benefits of Pilates for Dancers

Stronger Great for building unilateral strength

Higher Increased range of motion with strength

Longer Pilates builds stamina

More Improves stability, flexibility, strength, body awareness and coordination


Keliah peterson

I am currently a student at English National Ballet School. I trained at North County Academy of Dance from Age 7-16 (2013-2022) and took many classes with Anna Alcorn in the time I was there. I have had a long journey with my body and injuries due to my hypermobility (lack of stability in my joints and connective tissue), and Ms. Anna has had a very positive impact on the progression of this journey, building up my understanding of my body and giving me the tools to care for it well. She would also teach me how to apply these tools to my ballet work, which not only helped me to dance safely, but transformed my strength and ability to dance for the better. Learning these skills was a turning point in my training and has largely contributed to the longevity and success of my career so far. 


Clara Bond

As a pre-professional dancer with many strength and flexibility challenges brought on by pronation, Anna’s Pilates classes have helped me strengthen key muscles, increase overall mobility, and correct my alignment to ensure that I am dancing safely. Whether you are a serious athlete or looking for a good workout, Anna’s Pilates classes will help you keep your body healthy, fit, and mobile for all of your life’s activities. 

Every class and Private Lesson at Kelp Pilates is appropriate for dancers

Part of our exceptional repertoire as skilled teachers is to meet the individual needs of each client.       

Excellence is in our nature.




Private lessons are available and recommended for injuries, rehabilitation, or specific goals we can help you achieve.

Dancers are
elite athletes...

....Requiring elite training


Participate in effective and proven cross-training

Summer Classes for Dancers (and Parents)

July - August

*Special Times & Classes added*

Week of Dance InTensive August 5-9

Dance Reformer


Reformer Level 1-2

Reformer Level 3-5

Single class $35

Packages and Memberships available

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Increased range of motion with strength

Increase your flexibility by up to 15%

The movements of pilates also allow for increased range of motion in the joints, helping dancers perform with greater control and precision. Through its incorporation into a regular training routine, pilates can help dancers gain an edge over their competition.

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Improves stability, flexibility, strength, body awareness and coordination

Pilates encourages proper technique when moving which is essential for any dancer looking to perfect their artistry as well as their athleticism. With its emphasis on controlling each movement from start to finish with graceful ease, practicing pilates helps develop better posture as well as better breathing patterns during hard workouts or long rehearsals – both critical elements for a successful dance career!

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Great for building unilateral strength

Pilates provides the strengthening and muscle recruitment necessary to excel at all forms of dance.


Pilates is ideal for preventing injuries related to dance, rehabilitating injuries, and supporting the wide ranges of motion necessary to move with strength, grace and skill.​

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