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Thanks for applying to teach at Kelp Pilates!


We take our teaching seriously, and our passion even more seriously...with love and joy.


Please take a moment and look over our Mission, Vision, and Values. These are what govern every interaction and action, guiding our decisions, and these are what you will be expected to uphold and use in your interactions and decisions with clients.

Our Vision and Mission

Rooted in the principle of kindness, and inspired by the enduring and resilient qualities of nature, Kelp Pilates is dedicated to delivering exceptional Pilates instruction tailored to individual needs.


By focusing on quality and personalized care, we help our clients build strength and flexibility not just physically but in the spiritual well-being of their daily lives.


Building Strong and Flexible Spines and Minds

Our Values

This internal set of values is HOW we interact with each other and with our clients:


  • Compassion & respect

    • For others

    • For self

  • Authenticity & Integrity

    • Living it

    • Giving it

    • Intuition & trust

  • Inspiration

    • Mentally

    • Physically

    • emotionally

  • Joy

    • Play!

    • Live fulfilled

Our Quality is what sets us apart

This high quality comes from living authentically, from believing in what we are doing 100%, or shifting to follow a more honest path.


Kelp Pilates is unique because there is nothing else like this, There is nothing else like it's creator and founder, Anna. Her unique-ness is the attraction, and you have that same pull! Knowing your skill-set, knowing your ability is what makes you unique, and that TRUTH is QUALITY.

Your Experience is what sets you apart

Please share your unique experiences that will make you an amazing and inspiring teacher at Kelp Pilates.


  • Accredited Certification

  • CPR certification

  • Personal Insurance

  • Kindness & compassionate skills aligned with our Mission, Vision, Values

  • Agree to Non-Solicitation guidelines


Nice to Have:

  • Experience teaching (If not, we can support you in an apprenticeship)

  • Bilingual

  • Bringing own clients

  • PMEs or additional certifications 

  • BASI experience

  • Experience working in a fitness studio

If this is you, please send me an email; I am so excited to meet you!



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